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"Looking for a great time? This is where you wanna be!"
Hello, my name is Davin Morris and I had a great time upon Bahama Celebration. I was more then happy to tell how my experience was. Overall I had a wonderful time that made me want to come back for more. Even though I lost my phone
(Who knows where it is now, O'well) I still had a great time.

When I first went on this cruise I wasn't really sure what to expect. My girlfriend and I were so excited. After our four hour trip from Orlando to Palm Beach we were ready to unload our week. Once we boarded the boat we could feel the the weight lifted from our shoulders with the warm comfort of the staff. Every one of the staff showed great customer service, making sure we were always happy and having a great time. As many people as we met we only remembered a few that really stuck out to us, which were, Cornelious, who worked in house keeping. He always made sure we came back to clean sheets clean room and made beds. And then JP who kept the drinks coming the whole trip!

Another reason we enjoyed our trip so much was the entertainment! This cruise had some of the most talented entertainers we have seen in a long time. If it wasn't for all the drinks we had those nights we would have remembered there names but most importantly we remember they were funny as hell. CRUISE99REVIEWS.COM

All in all this was one of the best experiences I have had for a first time thing. I definitely recommend Bahama Celebration as a Cruise you will never forget! $99 Bahamas Cruise scam, is the $99 cruise real?, bahamas 3 day cruise scam, 3 day cruise ripoff, trust bahamas celebration cruise line is real, Cruise $99 Reviews, reviews, Bahamas Celebration reviews, Cruise99, Cruise99 Reviews, Cruise99 scam, Bahamas Cruise $99 scam, $99 Dollar Cruise Reviews, 3 Day Bahamas Cruise $99 

- Davin Morris at 02/10/13

"90th Birthday Cruise on Bahamas Celebration"

Once again, I must write a review about the awesome time we had on the Bahamas Celebration.

On December 5th, 2012, we sailed on the Bahamas Celebration to celebrate my mother-in-law's 90th birthday which was the 6th of December. This was my husband and my 10th time on board. It was the first time for my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, her husband, and for my brother-in-law and his wife. We had planned to be in Freeport, Bahamas on my mother-in-law's actual birthday.

From the moment we stepped into the terminal in West Palm Beach, everyone treated her like royalty. From the initial boarding photo to the portraits, to the special photos in the Crystal dining room on the night of her birthday; all the photos were awesome as usual!  A big thank you to Martin and his staff for all the special things they did, especially taping the birthday song in the Crystal and the photo package. Kudos and keep up the good work! Don't know how you do it, but the photos keep getting better and better! Thank you to Jose Rosado for the upgrade, that was very nice of you.

Mom is handicapped and her cabin steward went out of his way to make her comfortable and to make sure she had everything she needed.

It was kind of providential that most of the entertainers who were onboard, were ones whom we already knew and have become friends with. Jim Ward, keep up the good work of choosing these great acts! Simon and Lyric are fabulous, as is Darius, the Gaucho! It was nice to see Shane Phillips again in Pub 437! We were so happy to see that although Steve Zimmerman is now Cruise Director, (Yea!!!!!! About time!), he still does a slightly condensed version of his comedy show! He is Awesome!!!!! A great decision on the promotion! Also noted some wonderful changes, like the $3 drinks in the view, and the 2 for 1 drinks in the Pub at certain times.

Caribbean Idol contest still going on, my husband actually wound up competing in the finals with his brother, but my husband won a free cruise with his version of "Wonderful World". We will be back soon.

The food in all the restaurants, was excellent, as usual. (Wish I could get away from ordering the Beef Wellington in the Crystal, but it is so very good.)

Max, was so very attentive to Mom, he even sang songs in Italian to her in the dining room! He had a special birthday cake made for her; and made arrangements for all the senior officers (including Captain Jans) to come to our table in the Crystal Dining Room to sing "Happy Birthday" to her with all the waiters and bus persons. She was made to feel so very special. It was wonderful for us to see how happy she was. (It was very important to us because just a month earlier, she had lost her husband.) Of course, Everton Caruthers (in the dining room) was his usual outgoing self, and couldn't have been more solicitous or helpful. We love him! The entire crew and staff are wonderful! I find it amazing that when I call the front desk, I am able to identify the person on the other end of the phone by voice. It really makes it feel like home. Maribelle is awesome!

For those of our family who had never cruised on Bahamas Celebration before, it was an excellent experience! They were all sorry that the cruise was not longer. Everyone was happy with every aspect of the cruise. The only complaint that was voiced, was one that I've made myself;(having nothing to do with the crew or staff) and that is the location of the electric outlet in the suites. It is located under the windows, nowhere near the vanity where you would be doing your hair or makeup! Please let this be one thing that will be corrected when the ship goes into dry-dock next month.

We can't wait to come back and see how the ship will be improved (can't imagine, except for refreshing) while in dry-dock!

Everyone keep up the good work! We love you!

- thegrans at 12/29/12

"Christmas Cruise on the Bahama Celebration"

We were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this short, budget priced cruise. While the ship was a little worn in spots, there could be no complaint about the cruise staff, food, public rooms, shows, etc. Our stateroom was much larger than we have had on grander cruise lines. The cruise staff were competent, knowledgeable, cooperative and very friendly. We dined in the Crystal Dining Room both nights, and the food selection was interesting, well prepared, HOT, and beautifully presented.

One can always expect lots of children and college kids during holiday vacations. But there was no loudness and no one got out of hand. The ship had special activities for kids and young teens.

We took a one day excursion to Lucaya Resort, spent two hours on the beautiful white sand beach, enjoyed lunch there, then spent another two hours shopping. Very nice day.

- search75 at  12/29/12

"More than I expected!"

Very impressed for the cost of this cruise. We have been on Carnival Valor about 8 years ago and Caribbean Princess this year, the Princess was also amazing but cost was higher.

Valet Parking when you arrived for $15 a day, gave you the vacation feel right away. Checking in and getting our room was easy as we were VIP because of getting married at 3 o'clock that afternoon.

Going on-board was just like every other cruise but the entry was smaller in scale...again I chalk this up to cost....but impressed.

The rooms were very spacious...I would even say bigger then the other cruises that we were on...we had a balcony stateroom on Princess and this room on Celebration was their version of a balcony that was enclosed. We peeked in other rooms just to see in case there is a next time, they all look pretty good as you don't stay in the room that much anyways. Shower and bathroom was the largest we have had.

The food was good, it seemed to be fast and hot...never had to wait in line long. Buffet on deck 9 on the first afternoon hit the spot till you got your feel for the boat and got into the vaca mood. For dinner you have to book a time if you want a selection of food, the first night we had the wedding planner book us in at the cove.  The crystal room was the same as the cove but no cost in my opinion. If I had to do it over I would do the Rio where breakfast is served both nights.

We watched the show on the second night and we were impressed as it was a comedian and then adult scavenger hunt...i think we only got the second half tho.

Service on the ship and at the registration desk was top-line. When we registered we were informed that they were waiting for us and that we were VIP... this made us feel special. Everything that we asked for we got. We asked for more towels we got them, they brought our wedding cake to our room as we left the restaurant fast. Found us tables when we wanted them. Changed our excursions without a problem.

Excursions were just like at a time...walk off the ship...and enjoy.

My wife was spinning about the wedding plans, but it was completely organized more then we were aware. The wedding took place in the Ocean View room which was very spacious and fitting for us. They had music, Photographer and the Officiant, plus flowers candles pillars. After the ceremony they continued family pictures and other requests that we had. Also we had family drinks as the bar was open and the room was reserved just for our family.

To me this was an amazing family wedding/vacation for the price ($1400 for the cruise). I was scared because of the price and being spoiled on Princess Cruises with the balcony. The only thing I would change/add would be to stay in Bahamas for a couple of nights next time!

- Happyfamilyontario at  11/29/12

"Worth more than we paid!"

While this is an older ship it certainly came with all the bells and whistles that you can find on newer ships. Getting on the ship was a breeze---no lines and it took less than 15 minutes.

Check in for dining options and adult beverage selection (for purchase) was effortless. We were in our cabin in less than 30 minutes. We were pleasantly surprised to find the lunch buffet on deck 9 still going strong even at 3:00.

Dinner in the Crystal dining room was great. We opted to go to The Cove on night #2. Well worth the extra $. We enjoyed a leisurely dinner with excellent food and service.

This is a great short cruise. We figure we couldn't have spent a weekend in a local hotel and buy meals for what we paid.

We rate it an A+.

- wood butcher at  11/26/12

"Super Fun Weekend!"

If you want to get away for a couple of days, have a great time, eat wonderful food, be delightfully entertained, and do it all for just a little money, the Bahamas Celebration is for you.

My sister and I take this cruise twice a year. We are both retired, we leave the husbands at home, and we just go and have fun.

The cruise leaves from the Port of West Palm Beach. It is such a simple process to get on and off the ship. From the time we arrived at the port until we were on the ship was less than 30 minutes. Getting off the ship was equally easy. I had a flight to catch. We asked for an early debarkation problem.....we were off the ship and through customs very quickly.

We choose this cruise because we love to go to Freeport for conch salad and shopping, but we also love being on this ship. The ship's personnel are fun and helpful and I mean every single one. They make us feel welcome and really enhance our good time. The rooms are of ample size and comfortable. We love the food. We always dine one night in the Cove......oh what wonderful food and service. We also love the Crystal is elegant and the staff make the dining experience so enjoyable.

We never miss the Karaoke competition.....there is always both unbelievable, serious singing talent as well as hilarious contestants just out for a good time. The atmosphere is friendly, humorous, and conducive to everybody enjoying the competition.

The professional entertainment in the lounges and for the shows is of excellent quality, and even though we have seen a number of the entertainers numerous times, we always look forward to seeing them again.

The casino is there for the gamblers and there is even a gym for those who want to spend part of their brief time on board "working out".

People who are looking for just a fun, short cruise to a pretty island, to spend a couple of days just having a good time, could not choose a better line than the Bahamas Celebration. We are already making plans for our next trip.

- SeaSisterToo at  11/25/12

"1st Cruise was nothing short of Amazing!"

This was a great cruise. They stated 4 star but I thought it was 5 star, maybe I cant be honest because this was my first cruise!! Anyway, the room we stayed in Cat. 4 Ocean View was great. Just enough room for two people. Bathroom was great as well. Room was nice and clean, our attendant was always in there both days cleaning up for!! Just like a hotel room, he even folded our clothes up and placed them nicely on the edge of the bed!!

The boat was amazing, and once again maybe I cant be honest because this is my first cruise. But I will tell you this my next one, that boat better be right because this boat got my expectations high right now!!

Food was great. Shows were funny and great, casino was packed. Elevators were a little slow, but its a ship what can you expect!! lol

Overall I will be taking this cruise again. But I wont if I cant get our same cabin, meaning cat.4 what a great choice. We booked this trip on Groupon for the price $199 for two people plus port fees $160 each it was great!!  These other cruise ships better step their game up my next one will be Royal or Norwegian!! They need to show me something because Celebration Cruise line has spoiled me to death!! What a great boat,entertainment,food and fun it was. Also that Zimmerman guy is probably the reason we will be booking again, he has one of the best shows him the the magic guy!!

 - hillcat79 at  11/25/12

"Exceeded Expectations!"

I have to say that I have taken 2 other cruises in my life and after the second one, I swore I would never get on another boat. When my friends were talking about taking a girls cruise to celebrate a birthday, I said oh I wanna go. And well that's how I wound up on Bahamas Celebration. I can honestly say that this was the BEST cruise I have taken. Upon check in we went and asked about an upgrade so that we could either be all in one room, or closer to each other. The woman who helped us was so friendly and knowledgeable, we were able to upgrade to a suite with an ocean view for extra. The room was nice and roomy enough for 4 woman. We had a queen bed and two roll aways. The room a/c worked great and the beds were comfortable.

Getting onto the boat was very easy, we made our way through the lines, picked our dinner reservation times and boarded the ship. The staff was very friendly upon boarding and directed us to Deck 9 for the lunch buffet. All around I enjoyed all the food and the restaurants that we ate at. Rio for the breakfast buffet was amazing and I will forever remember our singing waiter.

The night time activities were great. I enjoyed the karaoke, and shows. The comedians were amazing as were all the entertainers. I did go to the casino for a short time, but I am not much of a casino person, so I played a few slots, lost a couple bucks and went back to the shows.

I have cruised on Carnival and Royal Carribean and neither of these ships had a staff that was as friendly and outgoing as the staff on Bahamas Celebration. The Staff always went out of their way not only to help and serve you but to remember you and your name. Its amazing how after only 2 days, the staff remember who I was.

We chose to ride into Freeport and spend the day at the beach without doing any excursions as we just wanted to relax. On our way back to the ship we were in the taxi with some other woman who were on the other ship that was ported (a well known cruise line) and they were complaining about the smell, service and all around dislike of the ship they were on. We were so happy to tell them, that bigger just doesn't mean better.

I would take another cruise on this cruise line in a minute. In fact, upon returning home I spoke with my husband and our boys, and we are talking about taking a vacation on this Bahamas Celebration and spending the two days on the the island.

I think my only complaint would be the debarking procedures. While it wasn't bad, I did feel that they could have moved the lines along a little better. Maybe having separate lines?

But all in all I want to Thank you Bahamas Celebration for finally giving me the cruising experience that everyone raves about.
 - StacieWebster at  11/01/12

"A Great Little Getaway"

We meet with some special friends for a few days each year somewhere in Florida just to spend some enjoyable time together. We all enjoy cruising, so this year we decided to spend that time on the Bahamas Celebration. We were a little concerned because some reviews were not that great but we all wanted to try this inexpensive three day cruise. We all came away very happy with our choice of this year's get together destination. The ship is not the newest one we've ever been on but it was very clean and well maintained. We each chose the ocean view cabins and they were comfortable, clean, and and very adequate for the small amount of time we spent in the cabins during this cruise.

The ship has all the normal features (dining areas, bars, a casino, pools, gift shop, entertainment lounges, etc.) but it also has a superb crew that makes sure you are enjoying yourself while you are on board. The food choices were pretty typical (tons) for cruise lines and the service was great.

Embarkation at Palm beach was great. We were on-board the ship with-in an hour of arriving at the port. We've never had that happen before but it seemed pretty normal for this port and cruise line.

Getting off the ship at Freeport and back on was very easy and fast.

The evening entertainment on-board was outstanding each day. We enjoyed all the performers.

We all thoughly enjoyed ourselves and plan to do this again in the future. I highly recommend this trip for a great, short, relaxing get-away for anyone whether they are first time or experienced cruisers.

 - OldGuy46 at  09/27/12


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